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NextLogical's staff has helped companies large and small to take care of their employees health benefits

Is it possible to get a complete healthplan solution for no more money than you pay today?

What's a complete healthplan solution? It's created by combining both benefits experts and healthcare clinicians.

This is important since 87% of a healthplan's costs are attributed to the direct purchase of healthcare services. In fact, NextLogical is the only benefits consulting firm in the nation to employ teams with these essential skill sets.

Because of our approach, many companies who meet with us wonder how their health benefits advisor could ever realistically help them manage their healthplan when they don't have the expertise on hand to fully understand and impact 87% of the challenge they're confronting.

It's a good question.

It's also why most broker's solutions are reactive and retrospective: Lowering benefits, increasing employee costs or switching carriers – none of which do anything for long-term cost control.

Your company needs a complete solution – one that addresses all of your benefit plan's administrative and compliance issues, as well as its cost drivers. NextLogical has been doing this successfully for companies like yours for more than a decade and we have the results to prove it.

If your renewal has become an event, why not make it a celebration?!

We know, it's hard to believe anyone can celebrate during renewal time... but it happens. And we have the clients to prove it.

NextLogical's unique and proprietary solutions will improve the health status of your employees, lower health insurance costs (for everyone), increase productivity and job satisfaction and improve healthcare outcomes – everyone wins.

And because we do all of this proactively, when your next renewal comes along... party on!

We're here to help you plan the work and work the plan.

NextLogical, has developed a comprehensive, systematic approach to strategy development that virtually ensures our mutual success in managing your benefits plan, improving the health status of your employees and lowering your company's costs.

Do you know how healthy your company's benefit plan is?

Our team has dedicated their careers to the study of employee benefits – with particular focus on healthcare. In that time, we've developed a series of proprietary reports to answer four critical questions about your company's benefits:

  1. "How is your plan running financially versus 'What we Expected' and prior years?"
  2. "What disease states, categories of care and large claims are driving your company's costs?"
  3. "Which claimants are most likely to drive future healthcare claims?"
  4. "How successful are we in preventing or curing disease and diagnosing it in the earliest stages?"

Through the thoughtful analysis of your healthplan, demographic, claims and predictive modeling data, our benefits experts and healthcare clinicians are able to better manage your healthplan and give you the actionable information you need for confident and superior decision-making.

We'll show you how to cut trend in half (or eliminate it altogether)

You may have already discovered that changing carriers, reducing benefits and increasing employee contributions do nothing for long-term cost containment.

Those actions treat the symptoms and not the cause – doing nothing to curtail the demand for healthcare services.

The only solution to escalating healthcare costs is improving the health status of your employees and their families.

No other benefits advisor has the expertise, experience and solutions to structure engaging wellness programs that deliver real results: Healthier People. Healthier Profits.

Your guide to better benefits

Your contribution to employee benefits is a significant business expense. So, not only do you need to ensure that your employees understand all the benefits you provide, but you also need to communicate your benefits package in a professional, comprehensive and engaging manner.

NextLogical's team routinely prepares employee benefit guides, enrollment materials and other communication pieces that are widely considered the best in our industry.

If you'd like a sample of the materials we can deliver for you, simply click on the "Ask for more info" button below and tell us you'd like to receive a sample Benefit Guide.

We'll help guide you through the maze of legislative compliance that you face every day

Today, the problem isn't getting your hands on information (we get way too much of it from dozens of sources) but rather getting up-to-date, accurate and relevant information from a trusted source so we can confidently take appropriate action.

Enter ExpertEase. Our expertise, making your life easier.

In the course of your day, you might need support or advice on a broad range of employee benefits and Human Resources issues and initiatives. NextLogical's team includes seasoned HR professionals with decades of experience and advanced degrees including PHR, SPHR, MSBA and MBAs. Whether you need help with employee communications, employee handbooks, HR practices, or virtually anything else, we can help you or we'll bring in the experts who can.

Whatever your HR, compliance or legal needs, we'll be your guide.

Give us a ring for better engagement

Employee engagement is tricky. What motivates a person to make significant lifestyle changes at any particular time is often a mystery – even to behavioral experts.

One thing we know for sure: If we introduce our clinicians as advocates for your employees, make them readily available and feed employees a constant stream of relevant health information, when they're ready to engage in wellness, they'll know who to turn to – and we'll be there for them.

As your broker, we'll educate your employees through wellness seminars, one-on-one sessions, monthly In Good Health fliers, and In Good Health Challenges – all written by our clinicians just for you.

We've even developed "Fit4Kids" and "Fit4Teens" campaigns which not only offer age-appropriate health information and games to children but also encourage your employees to engage in health-related conversations with their kids – sometimes the parents are the ones who benefit most from that dialogue.

We also offer nearly 100 Wellness Works sessions presented on-site by our clinicians and a library of dozens of helpful, informative fliers and articles.

By building trusting relationships with your employees, we help them navigate the healthcare system for improved quality and outcomes – which, of course, leads to lower healthcare costs and productivity gains. But we do it all for their health and well-being.