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Aaron C. Davis


As the Founder and President of NextLogical, Aaron is primarily responsible for understanding the employee benefits needs of NextLogical's clients and crafting advanced... View More

Lucille G. Listorti

Vice President of Client Services

As Vice President of Client Services, Lucille is primarily responsible for the implementation and overall management of all NextLogical clients. Lucille also serves as... View More

Danielle L. Herndon, RN, CCM

Vice President of Medical Management

Danielle has over 18 years of Nursing Experience and nearly 14 years experience in the healthcare insurance industry... View More

Lorraine Cardoza

Client Services Specialist

Lorraine joined NextLogical in 2011. In her role as Client Services Specialist, she provides our clients and their employees with exceptional customer service ...View More

Stephen C. Davis

Automation Analyst

Stephen is responsible for IT support for the entire organization including on-site hardware and software procurement, installation, training, management ...View More

Mark Spence


Mark has over 29 years of experience in the insurance industry with 20 of those years in his own practice marketing, designing, implementing and servicing ...View More

Jenny Davis

Wellness Consultant

As one of NextLogical's Wellness Consultants, Jenny serves our clients through exercise, nutrition and supplementation education and training ...View More

Dr. Laura Ruby, DNP

Medical Consultant

Dr. Laura Ruby is a doctorally prepared nurse practitioner with over 25 years of healthcare experience. ...View More

Julia Woods, MA

Behavior Analyst

Julia is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She works to provide educational materials targeted at children ...View More

Holly Nilsson, BSN, RN

Member Advocate

Holly is a licensed Registered Nurse in the States of Maryland and Missouri. Holly works intimately with Danielle Herndon, RN, CCM in contacting patients ...View More

Lesley B. Vogel, RD, LD

Consulting Nutritionist

As NextLogical’s Consulting Nutritionist, Lesley serves clients by helping them fully understand nutrition and its impact on employee wellness, productivity and healthplan costs... View More

Lisa S. Simons

Health Supportive Culinary Educator

Everyone knows how important it is to eat a healthy diet. The benefits of a nutritionally sound lifestyle are countless ...View More

Kirk Kucharski

Exercise Physiologist

As one of NextLogical's Exercise Physiologists, Kirk serves clients by helping them fully understand principles of exercise and how an active lifestyle... View More

Todd Burrier, MBA

Fitness Consultant

Todd's life story is unique and compelling. Through intense personal experience, Todd came to value and then to teach the effective strategies for health ... View More